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Round 10 report
Saturday, 05 March 2011

The sole leader of the tournament Elina Danielian suddenly lost to Pia Cramling while Humpy Koneru managed to win against Lilit Mkrtchian. One round to go the Indian player is half a point behind the top-runner and shares the second-third places together with Maria Sebag, who made a peaceful draw in the game against Maia Chiburdanidze. Indian regained chances to win the tournament and to qualify for the match with Hou Yifan if she manages to score against Zhu Chen tomorrow. The final results of the tournament also depend on the outcome of the game Danielian-Stefanova. Nana Dzagnidze lost the second game in a row and can not have an effect on the situation in the last round. The 11th round starts at 12 a.m. local time and promises to be spectacular.

Photos of the 10th round are in the gallery. 

01.jpgHumpy Koneru - Lilit Mkrtchian 1:0  
After the opening White got an initiative by sacrificing a pawn. Under the time trouble untitled-1.jpgBlack didn’t find the best continuation and lost the game.  

Humpy Koneru: I tried to make the game more complicated. I had better chances in the middle game: good piece play after she took a pawn on d4. Of course taking the pawn was not a good choice. I was clearly better after that. Still I’m not sure about the position: probably I missed something in the middle game. For example I should have played 26.Qe1 instead of 26.Qd2. I think instead of 30…Nf3 30…Kc4 is a good move and after 31.Rc4 dc 32.Bd6 Black had 33…Rd8.  I have no expectations about the last round I’ll just play normal. I already missed many winning games, so I’ll try just to play.  

Lilit Mkrtchian: It was difficult game. In the time trouble I lost a piece but maybe after Qd3 and d4 and Bd6 it was over. My mistake was to think too much in the opening, that's why in the important moment I had no enough time to calculate all variations and because of that I blundered.      

02.jpgBatkhuyag Munguntuul – Antoaneta Stefanova 1/2  : 1/2  
Antoaneta Stefanova tried once again to avoid known opening by playinuntitled-2.jpgg 2.Bf4 and later on she managed to win a pawn and got a clear advantage. Afterwards Black found some contra play and made a draw.  

Batkhuyag Munguntuul
: The game was complicated and in the opening position became very interesting. After 20 moves we both had no more than 10 minutes left. I expected 2.Bf4 so I checked some variations before the game but still we spent a lot of time in the opening. After e5 I was expecting the move 8.Bg5 and after be6 she could try to protect her pawn on c5 by playing 9.Qa3. I think she should not play 35.h4 in the endgame (diagram). It would be better to choose 35.Qc1 Ld2 and 36.Qf1 protecting from mate. After h4 it is draw, maybe she missed Rd4. In the end she had to give a perpetual check otherwise it’s dangerous for White. 

03.jpgPia Cramling – Elina Danielian 1:0  
Queen's Gambit was handled in the game. Immediately after the opening the game was transferred into an ending with a small advantage for White. untitled-3.jpg

Pia Cramling: It was just a very solid opening today. I’ve got a bishop pair and all the time the position was a little bit more pleasant for me. So we played and played and repeated the position sometimes because, from practical point of view, it’s good to repeat the moves when you have better position and not much time. Under the time trouble she let me get exactly what I wanted – to push c pawn. I was surprised she took the pawn on a5 because it was better just to stay (diagram). So my opponent tried to hold that position but then she lost a control, she didn’t really have any move and after I played Bc2 it was over.


04.jpgNana Dzagnidze – Zhu Chen 0:1  
Slav Defence was played in the game Dzagnidze-Zhu Chen. After the opening Black got enough counter play and after the game transferred into an endgame,  Black had a little advantage due to the worse pawn structure of White.  

Zhu Chen: I didn’t expect she would play 4.Qc2 because normally she plays some other variations. I think during the game I didn’t do anything, she made everything by herself. I’m sorry for her but what to do – I`m also suffering in this tournament.  I could not understand why did she play 18.Ke5 and made those triple pawns. Maybe a computer can hold this position but for human it seems to be really difficult.


05.jpgMartha Fierro – Xu Yuhua 1/2 :1/2  
The game was equal after the opening. Move by move Black took initiative and got an advantage after Nd3 (diagram). untitled-5.jpg

Xu Yuhua: After the opening Black had a good position but maybe it was not enough for victory. My opponent spent a lot of time thinking how to defend that position but I think she made some mistakes.  A good chance for her was to play 29.Qc2 instead of Qd2 and go to the rook ending with chances for a draw.  Also it would be better for White to play 31.Qd3 instead of Rc4 and try to hold my pawn.


06.jpgMaia Chiburdanidze – Marie Sebag 1/2 :1/2  
French Defence was handled in the game. Black played a solid line with 3...de4 and equalized the position.

Maia Chiburdanidze; I`ve played French defence against French player Marie Sebag. I think I equalized the position and also it seems Marie didn’t really try too hard to put some tension on me.   untitled-6.jpg

Marie Sebag: Normally my opponent plays Karo-Kan but today she chose French Defence and it was a surprise for me. So I preferred to make a draw (diagram).  

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