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Round 4 report
Saturday, 26 February 2011

Danielian is leading with 1.5 points ahead of Martha Fierro and Marie Sebag. Playing with Black, she managed to develop dangerous attack and won against Nana Dzagnidze.
Chiburdanidze,   Xu Yuhua and Marie Sebag were stronger in their games against Lilit Mkrtchian,
Batkhuyag Munguntuul and Zhu Chen accordingly.
Humpy Koneru drew against Antoaneta Stefanova. Pia Cramling made her fourth draw against Martha Fierro.

Xu Yuhua - Batkhuyag Munguntuul  1:0  
Taimanov variation in Sicilian Defence was chosen by Black in the game Xu Yuhua-Munguntuul. Black entuntitled-1.jpgered the unpleasant position, playing inaccurately in the opening, and let White to get a big advantage. 

X02.jpgu Yuhua:
I think Black’s move 14…Nd7 was a mistake (diagram). Instead she could have played a6 and not allowed my knight to go on c7.

Batkhuyag Munguntuul:  I decided to enter some complications after 14…Nd7 but I`m not sure it was the right idea.  I just didn’t like my position after 14…a6 because White could continue 15.Rad1, 16.Qg3. It would not be easy to put my knight on e5 any more. I just didn’t see that White could play first 17.Bd4 and later on 18.Nc7. After that my position was difficult: she had two bishops and I had too many weaknesses. It was not possible to hold it any more.   


Martha Fierro – Pia Cramling 1/2 : 1/2  
Black didn’t get any serious trouble after English opening which was played in the game Fierro-Cramling. Both sides were not able to get a tangible advantage, and so the game finished by perpetual after 42 moves.  

Pia Cramling: Yes, it was my fourth fighting draw today but here you can only fight. I thought in the opening it was a little bit more comfortable for me but, after Martha found a good plan, I think it was about equal. After we exchanged some pieces I thought I could play against her pawn on e4 but she also had a plan on the queen’s side (diagram). Maybe I could have played something better before we had traded pieces because the way I played was not enough to fight for more. 

 Martha Fierro: I think I was a little bit worse after the opening. I saw some threats from Pia on the king’s side. Maybe I should have taken with the knight on e4 on the 9th move or a3 on 8th move but I have to check it.

04.jpgNana Dzagnidze – Elina Danielian  0:1
Classical Queens Gambit was handled in the game Dzagnidze-Danielian. With an early attack by playing g4, White entered a sharp position with chances for the both sides. After a few not obvious mistakes from White, Black's attack became very strong. untitled-3.jpg

Nana Dzagnidze:
I had a better position after the opening but I underestimated my opponent’s attack. Maybe I had to play e4 but I didn`t know the attack of Black would be so dangerous.

Elina Danielian:  Yes, I also think that Nana had to play e4 after my move c4 (diagram). The position is worse after she hadn't played that move and had refused to play in the centre. I think it was a key moment and after 17.e4 I prefer White’s position. But with all those time troubles anything could happen. I saw that attack of my opponent would be finished: I'd be able to block her pawns and my knight on f8 would hold the position. White could not even sacrifice anything in that position and I'd just move my pawns on the Queen`s side.

05.jpgLilit Mkrtchian  - Maia Chiburdanidze  0:1
Nimzo Indian opening was played in the game Mkrtchian-Chiburdanidze. Playing with Black, Maia Chiburdanidze managed to get a big advantage and won the game after some complications.
Maia Chiburdanidze: Lilit played 4.e3 I didn`t expect this move. Probably Lilit should have played 10. bc, doubling her pawns, and if I play 10…Qh4 then she has an answer 11.Be3. After we made castles White had worse position till the end. My opponent could have defended this position better. I think she was close to make a draw in some moments.

Lilit Mkrtchian:
Yes, in the endgame my king on d3 was quite strong and my opponent had double pawns on d4 and d5 (diagram). So maybe there were some chances to survive but I spent a lot of time in the opening and it was not easy to defend under the time pressure.

Humpy Koneru – Antoaneta Stefanova  1/2 : 1/2
Meran was chosen in the game Koneru-Stefanova. After the opening Black got an equal position with a symmetrical pawn structure.


Humpy Koneru: After the opening it was more or less equal but then I played the wrong move 16.Bf6 and after that Black had very slight edge (diagram). Later on my opponent created some interesting play…

Antoaneta Stefanova:  I agree with Humpy: this Bf6 idea didn’t look good for White. After Rfc8 I think I’m slightly better but immediately I started making the wrong moves like 19…e5, 20…Nh7 and later on I had to go back with my knight. So probably there I was slightly worse again. But still the position was near equal…   

Zhu Chen – Marie Sebag  0:1
07.jpgExchange variation in Slav Defence was played in the game Zhu Chen-Sebag. From the opening White got auntitled-6.jpgn interesting position with attacking chances from the opening but, playing inaccurately on the 16th and 17th moves, got into a serious trouble.

Zhu Chen:
 In one moment my opponent played 12…Ne8 and I think I made a wrong decision. I was planning to play 13.Bg3 but I chose 13.Bb1 and it was not a good move (diagram). It’s not so easy for me to play that position after changing dark-colour bishops because my king is really weak. I don’t believe she played all correct moves. Probably she had easier ways to win. In the endgame I thought I got some fortress but maybe it was still lost.

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