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Round 6 report
Tuesday, 01 March 2011
After the rest day the players showed the tense struggle and as a result five out of six games finished in someone’s favour. Pia Cramling, Batkhuag Munguntuul, Nana Dzagnidze, Humpy Koneru, Marie Sebag defeated their opponents.
The only draw was made in the game between two compatriots Elina Danilian and Lilit Mkrtchian, therefore Danielian lost the first half a point in six games. She remains the leader of the tournament after the 6th round with 1, 5 points ahead of Pia Cramling and Marie Sebag.

Photos of the 6th round are in the gallery.

01.jpgMartha Fierro - Marie Sebag 0:1   
White deviated from well-known lines and sacrificed a pawn. Later on Martha Fierro didn`t get any real compensation and had to defend the worse ending.

Martha Fierro: I sacrificed a pawn and I thought I had some kind of compensation. To tell the truth I could not calculate anything: there were so many ideas in my head. After 11.Rd3 I didn’t see the move 11…Nbd7, it was the only move for Black (diagram)! When I saw it on the board I understood I was completely out. I had a really good rest day yesterday and maybe my mind was still resting (smiles). Maybe I could have played better, for example 13.Qa3 instead of 13.Qd1 and put my knight on d6 but I have to check it. Black had some problems with development so maybe I could have used them. My opponent played good today but under the time pressure I I think I missed some chances under the time pressure.

Marie Sebag: I knew the variation which happened today but I was preparing it long time ago. I was better during the game but in the endgame, after my knight came on d3, I was sure I had a big advantage.  

02.jpgNana Dzagnidze – Xu Yuhua 1:0  
Nimzo Indian with 4.Qc2 was handled in the game Dzagnidze-Xu Yuhua. The opponents followed the game Mkrtchian-Chiburdanidze, which was played in the Women Grand Prix in Jermuk earlier, till 13th move. White got a big edge after the opening and managed to win the game.

Nana Dzagnidze: During the rest day I tried my best to relax. I went to the beach, I was walking there, I also visited spa. I think it helped me and I’m very glad to win the game. Still it was not easy today. I believe I had an advantage during the whole game. I just don’t know how is it possible that I didn’t play 25.Nd5 instead of 25.b3 (diagram). I should be completely winning after Nd5 because everything in hanging on c7 on f6. After b3 the game became complicated but position was still better for me and, thanks God, I managed to win.

Xu Yuhua: I think I made a mistake by playing 14.Rad8. After that my position was worse and it was difficult to hold it.

  03.jpgLilit Mkrtchian – Elina Danielian  1/2 :1/2    
In Queen's Gambit Accepted Elina Danielian playing with black pieces, equalized the position without any problems.

Elina Danielian: It was an easy game today. After White played Rd1 I was thinking to play 10...0-0 or 10...e5 (diagram). After the first move a well-known pawn structure with isolated pawn would appear. It’s always difficult to play those positions with or against isolated pawn. 10...e5 is also famous move which makes the position equal. Afterwards Lilit played Bf4, I knew only Bg5. With the move Bf4 my opponent wants to play Bd6, change my bishop on c5 and put some pressure.  


Zhu Chen – Munguntuul Batkhuyag 0:1  
Kings Indian Defence was played in the game Zhu Chen-Batkhuyag Munguntuul. After the opening White got a small advantage. Later on Zhu Chen made a few mistakes and had to defend the ending with an exchangeuntitled-04.jpg down.

Zhu Chen: I think I just played a bad game. I was not expecting this opening today. I checked the lines with Nbd7 long time ago but I think everything was normal till some moment. In the time trouble I think I didn’t make the right decision.

Adrian Mikhalchishin (second of Nana Dzagnidze): Zhu Chen spoiled her good position: after all trades she had to play without an exchange. Still I think it was not easy for Monguntuul to win this position due to the centralisation of the pieces of White's pieces (diagram). But under time pressure White didn`t manage to hold the position. 

05.jpgPia Cramling – Antoaneta Stefanova 1:0  
Slav Defence was played in the game Cramling-Stefanova. After the opening Black managed to equalize the position and got some initiative. Later on Antoaneta Stefanova made a few inaccurate moves and let her opponent get an advantage.  

Pia Crampling: I think I didn’t play right because my opponent got a fine position. At the beginning when she played 17...Qa5 I wanted to play 18.a3 but she could take on b3 with a pawn and after Qb3 my rook was hanging and it destroys everything.  My opponent played 20…Qd3 (diagram) but instead she could continue 20…Ne4 and after I take on b4 now 21…Qd3.My knight is very bad on d1, so my concept was wrong. But after Qd3 I think 21.f3 is a good move and I’m in the game again. My opponent has a pawn up but I have activity and this a-pawn is not so important. 

Also 25…Ne5 was not a good move, she lost some time. I thought the endgame was about equal but after I brought my king to the game it became a little bit better for me.  Antoaneta played 45…Ra3 which was a mistake because I have 46.Nc2. Maybe she could have tried something else at that moment but of course it’s not easy to play and we also didn’t have much time. We play with a shorter time control here comparing to the World Cup. I prefer longer time control, the most classical one. But the games are exciting in such FIDE tournaments, anything can happen. Now we are not allowed to make draws but in women tournaments there is so much fighting!   

06.jpgHumpy Koneru – Maia Chiburdanidze  1:0  
Black chose Nimzo Indian in the game Koneru-Chiburdanidze. The opponents repeated the game Mkrtchian-Chiburdanidze, which happened 2 days earlier in the 4th round of the Grand Prix. Koneru played differently on the 9th move and got some edge after the opening. The advantage became decisive after the mistake made by Georgian player on the 19th move.
Humpy Koneru: Actually I followed the game between Lilit and Maia and in one point after 13…e3 I think Black really has a pleasant position. Probably Rb8 was a good move and after I played b4 Black should continue to play b5 then a5. I think Black could get a good play after that but once my opponent played e5 the position became winning for me. I’ve got two pieces for the rook. I think later on I could have put much more pressure on my opponent.  

Maia Chiburdanidze: I`ve got a good position after the opening today. I just didn’t see the following variation after e5 and e4 (diagram). I just forgot that after c takes d she threatens to make a queen and it`s impossible to defend. Instead of e5 I could have played Ne7 and continued in that position.

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